Your Music Rules.

Turn an ordinary music search engine into a tailored journey that’s like music to your ears.

Standard music search doesn’t meet your standards

Stop searching for music like it’s 1999. You’re always the first to hear about new bands and albums. Now, it’s time for you to rediscover music search and curation. Add countless search preferences to find the perfect tune, and have a blast in the process. 

Change the tune & find your beat

It doesn’t matter if you’re a music pro or enthusiast; looking to chill or go for a run; know exactly what you like or want us to surprise you. Groovifi gives you the tools to fine-tune your musical experience and hit the right note for every mood, purpose, and need. 


Song Search

It all starts with a simple tune. Pick a title you like, discover countless others inspired by it, and tweak search results to reveal the ones that strike a chord with you.

Playlist Curation

Your awesome playlists hold a world of musical moments. Find the ones that fit your specific needs without having to sift through dozens (who are we kidding!? hundreds!) of songs.

Pro Mode

Take things to the next level because that’s just who you are. Search like a pro by setting your musical key, mode (major / minor), and even meter.

Search Criteria

Music has no limits, and neither should your search capabilities. Filter results based on mood, energy level, performance style, performer identity, and more. Much, much more.

Designed Skins

Controlling your musical experience also means adjusting its look and feel. Choose your favorite design (Vintage Black, Silver, or Gold) to create the right setting.

Editor’s Pick

Discover new (and old) tunes chosen for you by our team of music experts. Editors, DJs, and artists will share exclusive playlists prepared especially for Groovifi.

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We believe that music can change the world (or our mood), and giving people the tools to find the right tune is fundamental. Created by music lovers, for music lovers, Groovifi was born after standard music search criteria started to feel like a broken record. We’ve decided to face the music and reinvent the search, discovery, and curation procedures to really fit our style. Then, we just had to share this revelation with you.